Double butter

Bursting with flavour, it’ll be love at first bite! It’s a perfect equation: double the butter, double the happiness!

Movie Style

A classic that still makes your heart beat a little faster and a must-have for movie nights! An irresistible natural buttery taste that will make you overflow with pleasure.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Light, incredibly tasty and delicious anytime of the day! A little treat that keeps you coming back for more.

Sweet & salty

Bringing together the best of both worlds, it strikes the perfect balance between the bitterness of salt and the sweetness of sugar! A true guilty pleasure.

Spicy jalapeno

Are you looking to spice things up at your next happy hour? Open a bag of our spicy • Jalapeño popcorn and feel the atmosphere fire up. Impressive flavour with just the right amount of spice to liven up any occasion. Olé!

Black pepper & lime

The tangy taste of lemon paired with spicy black pepper—a delicious combination for a pop of perfection!

Cheddar & green onion

Sink your teeth into this mouth-watering blend of zesty flavours featuring cheddar cheese and the savoury smoothness of green onions. Make your taste buds sing!